Welcome to Snider's Super Foods!

It all began with a team of horses and a wagon. Louis Snider sold fruits and vegetables door to door in Kansas City, Missouri.

Since then, the Snider family has been selling quality foods.

Our commitment to quality and service, along with fair prices and variety, has been handed down through 3 generations.

We have been at our present location since 1946 as a true independent grocer.

We at Sniders believe we have a unique niche by being truly independent. As an independent we have not, and never will, compromise on quality.

  • Our Meat Department is stocked with the finest Grade A meats and seafood available.
  • The Produce Department contains hand picked farm fresh produce delivered each morning.
  • Our Dairy cases contain Milk and Eggs from local farms and our Cheeses are that of the finest imported and domestic variety.
  • To compliment our cheese the Wine department contains the finest selections available from around the globe.
  • Our deli department includes a vast array of fresh baked bread, delivered hot out of the oven.
  • Our own Coney Island Style Kosher hot dogs and fabulous variety of catering items, with delivery available, are everyone's favorites.
  • Our grocery department competes with any. We set prices and keep inventory levels at premium standards for our customers.

Make Our Private Brands Your Brands


Affordable Quality Products

Our private brand products match the leading national brands in quality and image. Our private brands allow you to purchase quality products at meaningful saving compared to national brands. And you don’t have to sacrifice taste or quality to save money with our private brands. You’ll be purchasing quality products at meaningful savings compared to national brands. Our array of brands and products satisfy the needs of the budget-conscious consumers.

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The Best of Fresh

Selection and Service

Visit our meat and seafood department to find fresh cuts of beef, pork and chicken as well as a variety of items fresh from the sea. The produce department boasts a variety of fresh and juicy fruits and vegetables, all ripe and ready-to-eat! Our deli offers an array of meats, cheese and fresh salads. You’ll find a menu of hot lunch and dinner entrées and fresh rotisserie and fried chicken available every day. You’ll love our delicious variety of fresh rolls, breads and sweet treats, including custom decorated cakes from our bakery department.

In addition, we offer beautiful fruit platters and baskets, fresh-cut vegetable trays and bakery and deli platters year-round. Just place your order in advance by visiting our bakery or deli to speak with a department associate.